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BuffaloSage invites you to become acquainted with the botanical name Salvia apiana, for California White Sage, known by First Nations' Canadians as Buffalo Sage... Our goal is to help anyone get to know this plant and it's world better and better. Likewise, we're here to share how it "works".

  We believe Buffalo sage has a direct connection in how the Earth, herself, is touched by
the California Dream.

It didn't just save my own childhood sanity it has bathed my soul - and will always be a core to my living connection with Life; the Southwest, and my own Family ... The People.


    The sage's story has to do with a world incessantly modern, as well as a Timelessness. It is one to connect with and feel involved with.

BuffaloSage 's purpose is beyond just trading.  Our interest is to keep this wonderful plant as part of our medicine prayers.

you can do depends on your resources. There are many steps ahead in making sure we'll have enough of this plant ~ IN IT'S ORIGINAL BIOSPHERE.



Precise planning, testing, marketing, analyzing and strategizing - as well as building permanent shelter for Buffalo Sage is The Plan.

Here's our position:
By mid-2001 it was clear that providing the volume of S. apiana needed in the general "market", especially the buyers of bulk; the preservationists and ceremonial users of this strongest of Buffalo Sage - something had to be done.
We knew this to be true then, and all the more now, eight years later.

BuffaloSage is lining up sanctuaries where new fields will be planted; from seedlings as well as mature stalks.  It requires us to really know how micro-climates, soil differences, and how altitude and weather differences affect the life of these plants.

My own history along this rapidly vanishing biosphere has made me believe the plant tells me what she needs me to be doing.  I certainly pray to keep the connection.

My own life's role works to preserve and promote "indigenality".
In-between and extending from the pan-Indian movement is the American Métis (pronounced "may-tee") movement. Our (organizationally senior) cousins, the Canadian Métis, once provided the prime sustenance to the workers in a time of immense transition - bringing Pemmican to the fur trading forts. The lessons of legitimacy in trading and keeping connected, are as Indigenous as Life itself.
The lifeblood of my work stems from

We're not just another cyber-storefront marketing sage.
Buffalo Sage's website defines what is happening to the remaining original main fields of Salvia apiana and the effort to continue the strongest genetic stock of its family.
We are gaining a momentum of interested people and we welcome your support.

~ Wm. 'Billy' Brady and all the BuffaloSage staff.

We are an actual First-Nations / Metis company!

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