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In this modern era, providers of Buffalo Sage [California White sage] are coping.
Just as California’s First Nation’s Peoples continue coping, since the original Spanish and Yankee intrusions, the dispossession and utter changes to their original Way of Life.
In Southern California new housing and urban development projects have been endlessly underway for over 50 years so even the sage fields that regenerated after the major fires of October 2003 are greatly diminished in size. After extra heavy rains in Winter 2004/2005 much of the new growth was affected in it's surface appearance. That caused some people to begin noticing that Nature is not going to be taken for granted. Certain sage suppliers kept from "disappointing" their customers by either not harvesting at all or acting as if the resulting pinkish leaves were "blighted" and sold off old reserve stocks.

I had to begin saying to people that "If plants produce results like a Pepsi machine, you might be reasonable to expect to ALWAYS get the same looking "bottle".
Most customers realized there is no way to be shallow and "trendy" about such Medicine.
BuffaloSage continues viewing sustainability as regenerating and re-creating fields that will be there after the bulldozers are through building housing. This includes approximating the living neighbors of the plant's natural habitat - BY PLANTING IN THE SAME general biosphere ~ IN the Original lands of Buffalo Sage. Maintaining People's continuing relationship to Creation's blessing. Reflecting what has Always been ...this California Dream.

Facing the fact that extinction of the fields that have supplied the BULK of NEARLY ALL Buffalo Sage sold worldwide for over 30 years, is plainly a task of just being
honest in assessing AND REPORTING it.

BuffaloSage.ca will begin a link in Spring 2009 to keep you informed about developments of the imminent changes. We will outline thru this link how to spot the results of the contradictions that stressing the plants; ignoring the prospects that weather and bulldozers and denial are doing to affect this terrain. And, most important, how we hope to get through the "Long Winter" of survival tests that surely are ahead.
    Look for:
THE www.WhiteSageFAQs.com link ...coming soon..
a place to hear and share ...Our best chances to continue gathering NATURALLY GROWING AND INDIGENOUSLY PERPETUATED sage. Sharing information of the education and practice involved.

BuffaloSage will be continuing to transplant, seed-start and acquire some new fields in territories quite near our own homes.

.......By gathering time of 2009, I will have spent 56 years since this very plant kept me and my adopted Blackfeet cousin going when we lived with relatives in Southern California. The survival strategems we practiced, as children of 6 and 8, made it just possible to stay a few steps ahead of their (adult) troubles. Going through riverbeds of Buffalo Sage we practiced our literal escape routes and directly inhaled the plant's gifts on dewey mornings.
It's early morning freshness calmed us and signalled that peace was a natural occurance.
Those riverbeds were 1000 feet lower in elevation from where we still gather the bulk Buffalo Sage that remains "undeveloped". But those fields are severely diminished. (See the Mission Presentation pages).
The plant-gene stock of these last stands of abundance supply new places being set up.
So ~ IN PERPETUITY something REAL can continue for a world now needing to planetarily escape what mankind has ignored or perpetrated by creating so many "natural" cataclysms.

Serving the growing community of those smudging and praying with this sage… and other plants of antiquity began, then, when I was SIX. The same harmony and soul-renewing goodness for my cousin and myself...ESPECIALLY WHEN DIRE challenge faced us then; as it does now; is, perhaps, stronger than ever.

For those who know about Buffalo sage’s history being offered as Gifts by aboriginal Southern California elders; throughout the Tribes and People's all over the world; is to know that this Way of Ceremonial usage is playing a vital a role at bringing about the California Dream of peace and healing.

The Dream deserving Preservation.
Het Droom verdienende Behoud.
Die Verdienende Traumbewahrung.
La Conservation méritante Rêveuse.
La Preservación que Merece ideal.
A preservação Merecendo ideal.

The coastal area I lived in north of Los Angeles was blessed with regular, traditional ceremonies practiced by the late Archie Fire Lame Deer (Miniconjou medicine man). His practice was the powerful continuing of the California Spirit-practice brought to life in a paradise that once was a well known Given amongst the Tribes. Simply, that the beauty of living can be seen in the earth Herself.
And, so, this oldest way of living contends with the 'modern' world.

The future of All depends on that most simple and profound fact becoming a living practice.

Internationally, a growing development brings indigenous People's outlooks and medicines to the needs of others to learn and share and teach this Way of Balance. This way of living peacefully in our precious relationship with life is becoming the obvious, apparent, Peacemaking approach. But, it will always need protecting as the forces are many that have yet to grasp how intricate is our web of living...between the sky and the earth.
We are an actual First-Nations / Metis company!
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